Tyst Teater pushes the boundaries and challenges the norms of what dramatic art is supposed to be, who it is told to and by whom. Tyst Teater believes in joy and sorrow, in political stories as well as the great love stories. Above all, we believe in telling stories from the heart. Our repertoire consists of newly written material as well as classical pieces that we hope will surprise and touch the audience.

Producing and spreading touring dramatic arts performances in sign language is the most important task of Tyst Teater. Tyst Teater plays to everyone everywhere, and primarily to deaf children and young people. We not only strive to create art on stage, but also to break the language barriers through different means of communication.

In our performances, you will see Swedish Sign Language and art forms like sign mime, visual vernacular and other forms of interpretation that are unique to sign language theatre. For audience members who do not know sign language, we make the dramatic art accessible by subtitling performances, providing voice interpretation or other innovative solutions. Our performances are mainly given in sign language by and with deaf artists workers.