Tyst Teater believes in culture’s power to influence and change. With our dramatic art, we want to create meeting places and a space for reflection and inspiration. We work actively to strengthen artistic and cultural rights for everyone. Within our mission to produce and develop dramatic arts in sign language, we view arts education as an important part.

Through seminars and workshops we want to give artists and audience members the tools and courage to break patterns. By using creative technology, we push the boundaries of what dramatic art means to us. Through film, animation and other digital solutions on stage we create a heightened sense of presence and possibilities for a new type of dramatic art.

Our activities are unique in the world, as we produce dramatic art in sign language both nationally and internationally. We are constantly working to promote international collaboration and host guest performances from other countries. Our audience and our partners inspire us to develop new art forms and to improve the dramatic arts. The one thing we all have in common is the love of the dramatic arts.