Tyst Teater Live

Live broadcast: Buhu and Stank

Two clowns find themselves on a stage. They’re not sure how they ended up there? Where were they? What were they supposed to do? Or, who decides what will happen? These are two shy, curious but ambitious clowns willing to offer an improvised show – to all of you who are struggling to understand what’s actually going on. A warm performance with Buhu and Stank. Read more about the performance here.

The premiere will be broadcast live on Saturday, April 25. After the performance, there will be an after chat with actors Debbie Z. Rennie and Niklas ”Älgen” Andersson. Everything happens live and digitally. The live broadcast can only see April 25 and cannot be seen afterwards.

It doesn’t cost anything, but pre-registration is required! Those who have signed up will receive information by email on Friday, April 24, how to follow the live broadcast.

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