Noises off (Rampfeber)

Sarcasm and satire goes hand in hand in this well-known theatre comedy!

Have you wondered what happens behind the stage at a theatre? The premiere is here but things disappear and the mood is turned up when some actors swirl in at the wrong time, others forget their replicas and most of them use the wrong doors. In the end, everyone has lost control and patience and the director have no choice but to step in and try to control the situation. But everything that could go wrong really goes wrong.

In the middle of the mess, we meet drunken actors, an extremely nervous director and an overburdened stage master. Personal privacy goes up in smoke when stress, romance and jealousy emerge behind the scene. Total chaos breaks out before the second act has even begun. Must the whole show be cancelled?

Author Michael Frayn’s award-winning Noises off has been playing all over the world for almost 40 years, this time under the direction of Teater Manus Theatre Manager Mira Zuckermann. A collaborative production between Tyst Teater and Teater Manu.



Screenplay: Michael Frayn
Director: Mira Zuckermann
The rest of team is not cleared yet

Mette Marqvardsen

Niklas Älgen Andersson
Gavin Lilley
and more to come

Order deadline: December 1, 2019

Photo: Mikael Sundberg