In 2018, Tyst Teater is paying tribute to 150 years of the Swedish deaf culture movement, as the oldest deaf association was formed in Stockholm in 1868, looking back on history as well as towards the future. We tell turquoise fairytales for our youngest audience members in the small and intimate show Turkos sagobok (Turquoise Fairy Tales).

We invite the adult audience on a time-travel journey through the history of deaf culture in the form of a dinner for two. Parismiddagen (The Paris Dinner) moves through time and space with a title that refers to the banquets thrown in Paris in the 19th century.

Superhjältar (Superheroes ) is aimed at young adults with a story about love, identity, friendship and superpowers. The piece is based on a visual language, sign language along with extreme physical and comedic timing and is a tribute to the superhero in all of us.

In the spring 2019 we will perform Hem (Home), which is based on true stories told by deaf refugees. People who were never allowed to learn their own language. Through this piece, we gain an insight into what it is like to be deprived of your language as well as the power of surviving.

Tyst Teaters performances 2018-2019
Turkos sagobok (Turquoise Fairy Tales) – playing February-March 2018
Parismiddagen (The Paris Dinner) – playing April-May 2018
Superhjältar (Superheroes) – playing October-November 2018
Hem (Home) – playing March-April 2019

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