In the spring 2019 we will perform Hem (Home), which is based on true stories told by deaf refugees. People who were never allowed to learn their own language or inherit their right to culture. Through this piece, we gain an insight into what it is like to be deprived of your language as well as the power of surviving. For fall 2019, we will produce the famous story of Peter Pan, the boy that lost his mother and had a miserable childhood but as free-spirited young he were, he never wanted to grow up again. He managed to escape to the island of Neverland where he faced exciting adventures and found the strength to believe in himself.

2020 is a special year for Tyst Theatre where we will be 50 years and celebrate our existence in the past half century!

Tyst Teaters performances 2019-2021
Peter Pan – playing October-December 2019
Buhu och Stank (Buhu and Stank) – playing April-May 2020
Romeo and Julia at Gullbacken – playing fall 2020
Rampfeber (Noise off) – playing spring 2021

Warm welcome to Tyst Teater – groundbreaking theatre in sign language!