Romeo and Juliet at Gullbacken

Tragic love story resurrected in a nursing home

Tyst Teater takes Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo and Juliet and set into a Swedish home for the elderly. The autumn has reached to Romeo and Julia where they ended up in the same unit. When the passion begins to grow between dementia and femoral fractures, catheters and relatives who refuses to accept the painful truth leads to the struggle of the secret love on a more hot spot. Or is it a poison? Will the close families ever recognize their teenage-in-love parents? Will Shakespeare blank verses awaken too much desire and suffering in shriveled old bodies?

This play highlights a political and humane perspective. What happens when we get older? What kind of health care can we expect as we reach the end of life? And the most important question for all of the minority group – in what language? The performance is given in both spoken and signed languages with the voice integrated on the stage.

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Giuseppe Giuranna
Gunilla Vestin-Wallin
Joakim Hagelin Adeby
Mette Marqvardsen
Robert Fransson

Screenplay: Anders Duus
Director: Debbie Z. Rennie
Set design: Märta Fallenius
Costume design: Lars Otterstedt
Light design: Charlie Åström
Music: Niklas Swanberg
Mask design: Anna Olofson

Target audience: adults
Tour area: international
Performance per day: 1
Premiere: 2020-10-13
International tour: December 2020

Photo: Mikael Sundberg