The Stage is Yours!

Tyst Teater celebrates half a century of performing arts with festival and party Saturday April 25th. We start the celebration on Friday (April 24th) already at Deac Club, in collaboration with Stockholm Deaf Association.

The Stage is Yours!

Have you dreamed of being on stage? Want to sing, tell poetry or run stand-up? Now’s your chance! Here we change the concept Open Sign to Open Stage! Anyone is allowed to stand on stage and perform. Each performance is a maximum of 5 minutes. Sign up in advance or why not in place? Come along and show us what you can or be in audience and cheer everyone up!

Free entrance – priority entrance is valid at 19: 00-19: 30 for those who have tickets for Saturday. After 19:30 free entrance for everyone. Age Limit: 18+. Deaf Club receives a maximum of 150 guests.

What: Open Stage
When: Friday November 20 th
Time: 19-01
Ticket: free entrance (priority entrance 19:00-19:30)
Age Limit: 18+

Sign up to Open Stage! here.

Do you have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our festival organizer Elsa Brunemalm at!