Tyst Teater Festival

Tyst Teater celebrates half a century of performing arts by hosting a one-day festival where Tyst Teater’s production Buhu and Stank premieres! Norwegian Teater Manu is a part of the festival with Askeladden og Prinsessen i Trollfjellet (Askeladden and Princess on Troll Mountain). Workshops and lectures are available during the day. Admission to all performances, workshops and lectures is included in the ticket.

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Tyst Teater Festivalprogram

Askeladden og Prinsessen i Trollfjellet
A magical adventure based on Norwegian folk tales from the Norwegian theater group Teater Manu. On international sign and Norwegian. Read more here.
Buhu and Stank
Mette Marqvardsen and Debbie Z. Rennie are once again together on stage as clowns on trial in a completely visual anniversary performance. Buhu and Stank have Swedish premiere at the festival. Read more here.
Visual Vernacular with Andrej Dragonov
World famous Andrei Dragonov from Russia gives us an insight into his world and his knowledge. The workshop is on international signs.
Stand up with Gavin Lilley
A workshop with Gavin Lilley, current in Tyst Teater’s upcoming production Noise Off. A workshop where laughter has top priority! On international signs.
Text, Performance and Images in Sign Language Poetry
Johanna Mesch, Professor at Stockholm University, and Rachel Sutton Spence, senior lecturer at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, togethergives lecture a on international signs – interpreted as Swedish Sign Language and Swedish.
Work of body Expression – full body – empty body
Olivier Schetrit is a Doctor of Anthropology at the National Center for Scientific Research. Martin Cros is project manager at Universal Theater School. The lecture is on international signs – interpreted into Swedish sign language and Swedish.

Location: Riksteatern
Time: 10 am-4pm

We also offer Children’s Festival (with separate program) for children between 5-13 years, read more about this here. Do you want to bring children at the Tyst Teaters Festival (full program) with you? It goes absolutely well. Ordinary prices then apply to both adults and children. Companions pay regular price.

Warm welcome!

Do you have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our festival organizer Elsa Brunemalm at elsa.brunemalm@riksteatern.se!